Is AppEven Safe to Use ?

Apple has always been quite restrictive in what they allow users to do with their devices. One f the things they put the dampers on was downloading third-party apps because, according to them, it threatened the security of the iOS and the device. Because of these restrictions, developers began coming up with Cydia installers to allow us through the security but not everyone wants to install Cydia. And, with so few about now anyway, more and more users are turning to third-party apps and app installers to get their apps and games. One of those is called AppEven but how safe is it ?

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What is AppEven ?

AppEven is an app installer that offers a wide range of material, from app store apps and games for free to those that have been modified with extra features or with in-app and premium features for free. One of the biggest draws to installers like AppEven is that there is no requirement to jailbreak and that means anyone can use them on just about any iOS device.

Is AppEven Safe ?

AppEven prides itself on being one of the most reliable and stable of all app installers. It may not have the largest amount of content, but those two factors alone make it well worth downloading. Like all of these third-party apps, AppEven has been put through very strict testing to ensure it does not contain any malware or any other issues that could spoil the enjoyment of users. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to have anti-virus on your iPhone or iPad just in case any stray harmful apps manage to make it into the store. If you do run into any trouble, you can easily delete AppEven from your device.

How to Download AppEven :

Now that you know AppEven is safe to use, you can find all the details on downloading it at the link below. AppEven isn’t just for iOS devices; it will also work on most Android devices too. All you need is your device, a decent working internet connection and, in the case of iOS, Safari browser. For Android users, you will need to download the APK, but full instructions are given on how to do this :

If AppEven doesn’t work after, all you need to do is delete and reinstall it; most people find that this solves the problem.

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