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Instagram has proven to be one of the most popular apps these days, allowing us to share parts of our lives through videos and photos. Over 700 million people use the app every month because it makes sharing stuff with our friends and family so easy. However, while Instagram is a useful app, it does have some fundamental features missing from it.  For that reason, a team of developers came up with Instagram++.

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Instagram++ Features :

Instagram++ contains all the stock features that we’ve become used to using but it also contains plenty of extras that boost your experience and make using Instagram++ much more enjoyable. Shortly we will be talking about how you can download Instagram++ on your device but first, here are some of those top features:

  • Display your feed in thumbnail or full feed type
  • Display custom time and date stamps on your images
  • Stop your bio from showing up in your profile
  • Disable comments from Full Feed 
  • Zoom in on an image by long-holding on the image
  • Use thumbnails to show HQ images 
  • Share your media easily with the iOS share sheet built in
  • Share or download images easily by double-tapping them
  • You don’t need to jailbreak
  • Very easy to download and install
  • Instagram++ is free to use
  • Plenty more features

How to Download Instagram++ :

Instagram++ is a modified app and that means that Apple will not allow it in the iOS app store. Before jailbreaks faded into obscurity, you would have needed Cydia to download Instagram++ but not anymore; the developers have made sure it is available without a jailbreak and can easily be installed by downloading a third-party installer called AppEven. Here’s how :

  1. Download AppEven onto your iPhone or iPad  
  2. Open it on your device
  3. Search for Instagram++ 
  4. Tap the result that corresponds to your device and the iOS version you are currently running
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Instagram++ to your device
  6. Tap on Install and then wait while the installation finishes
  7. Now you can start using Instagram++ 

If you use Instagram on a regular basis then Instagram++ is well worth a look, if only to try the new features out and see how you get on with it. If you don’t like it then delete it, its as simple as that.

Fix Instagram++ Errors :

One error that you will come across is that Apple will revoke the certificate and cause Instagram++ to crash. This is because it isn’t an official app store app, but you can stop this happening by downloading one of the following tools. Click the links to find out more about how they work and how to download them.

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