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GameBoy games are nothing new, they’ve been around for years but on a stock iOS device, you have no chance of being able to play them. This is one of the reasons why many people opted to jailbreak when they could, because Cydia was home to several games emulators. These provided us with the opportunity to play some of the console games on our devices and one, GBA4iOS , also managed to get itself into the iOS app store. It’s not there anymore but GBA4iOS is still available for use and it’s bigger and better than ever before.

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What is GBA4iOS ?

GBA4iOS is a games emulator that gives you all you need to play your favorite GBA games, as well as GBC and GB. Until iOS 8 you could download this from the official app store, but Apple soon put a stop to that by patching the exploit that developer, Riley Testut, had used. He has spent no small amount of time redeveloping GBA4iOS so that it doesn’t rely on either the app store or Cydia to work and now you can download it and share in what millions of other users have. First though, let’s look at the features:

GBA4iOS Features :

GBA4iOS is one of the smoothest emulator apps there is and that’s because most if its features are built on what the iOS SDK has to offer. This allows the developer to offer features like:

  • Simple to download
  • Easy to use
  • No need to jailbreak 
  • Supports iOS 7 to iOS 11
  • Works on all devices
  • Fully optimized for the iPad
  • Easy Dropbox syncing
  • Support for Airplay
  • Cheat codes supported
  • Support for Wireless Linking
  • Multiple skins to choose from, including custom controller skins
  • New app icon logo
  • Browser built-in
  • Sustain button 
  • Event distribution
  • Fast forward
  • Updated regularly
  • Controller vibration mode
  • URL scheme support
  • Play whatever GBA, GB or GBC game you want
  • Plenty of other features

GBA4iOS provides such a smooth experience that you could be forgiven for thinking you were playing on a Gameboy console. With support offered for iOS 7 and above and no jailbreak needed, the emulator can be used by anyone.

How to Download GBA4iOS :

While it is no longer possible to get GBA4iOS from the official app store, you can still download it very easily. All you need to do is download AppEven, a third-party installer that offers a large choice of content; here’s how you do it:

  1. Download AppEven onto your device 
  2. Open it and search for GBA4iOS 
  3. Tap the result that matches your iOS device and version
  4. Wait for the installation to complete and you can start using GBA4iOS 

Don’t forget to tell us how you get on with GBA4iOS and whether you can play your favorite games or not. For more tips and tutorials like this one, you can follow us on Facebook.

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