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Android users have so much more freedom than iOS users. Not only is the Android platform more open, users can enjoy much more in the way of third-party apps but what they can’t do is download paid apps for free, or enjoy any iOS only content, like modified apps with plenty more features than the stock apps. They can now though, with the release of an iOS app installer called AppEven.

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What is AppEven ?

AppEven is third-party iOS app installer that has just been made available to Android users as well. It is a reliable and safe installer, with a huge choice of apps and games, some paid app store content for free and lots of modified apps and games like Pokémon Go++, Spotify++, and Snapchat++. Its free to download and needs neither jailbreaks nor rooted devices to work but you will need to download the Android APK file.

How to Download AppEven APK :

AppEven is not available in any app store and, as we mentioned above, Android users need to download the AppEven APK, or application package file to get it on their devices. This is easy to do so long as you follow the written steps exactly:

  1. Launch Settings on your Android device and then open Security 
  2. Look for Unknown Source Options and make sure that the box is ticked otherwise you can’t download AppEven
  3. Now close Settings and go to your computer
  4. Download the AppEven APK [ File ]
  5. Unzip the file, locate the APK File and then send it to yourself in an email
  6. Open that email on your Android device and download the APK file
  7. Find it on your device and tap on it; AppEven will now begin to install
  8. When the installation has finished, you can start using AppEven 

If AppEven fails to open, make sure that you followed each step in order

AppEven Alternative :

ACMarket :

While AppEven offers iOS content o Android users, ACMarket is a little different in that it offers only Android content. But this is not stuff that you will find in the app store for free. Instead, ACMarket is packed with paid apps for free and modified versions of apps along with content that you will only find in ACMarket, widening the choice even more for Android users. If you want to give ACMarket [ext link] a go, check out the linked post for more details.

Android users may have somewhat more freedom than iOS, they still can’t do it all and AppEven brings so much to them than they could ever have before. Many of the recent iOS app installers, like TweakBox, AppValley, and vShare, are now open to Android users as well, closing the gap between the two platforms.

AppEven is completely free to download and use; give it a go today, tell us what your thoughts are and follow us on Facebook for more app updates and other news.

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