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While Android is a far more relaxed platform than iOS, its users still can’t do all that they might want to. They can’t download paid apps for free and they can’t download any of the iOS content, especially the apps and games modified with extra content. All of this is because the Android user cannot jailbreak, and this is where most of that type of content used to come from. Now, with few jailbreaks to be had, even iOS users are struggling and that’s where app installers like AppEven come in. With full support for all iOS devices, AppEven also works on Android devices.

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What is AppEven ?

AppEven is a third-party app installer, kind of like an unofficial app store that is full of content that you would either need to pay for or jailbreak to get. Choose from millions of different paid apps for free, apps modified with extra features, like SnapChat++ and Spotify++ or games that have been modified with in-app and extra features, like Pokémon Go++. It provides iOS users with everything they need and Android users with some of the best iOS content around.

How to Download AppEven Android :

AppEven is not available through the Google Play Store; instead, you must download the APK File first. For those that do not know, an APK is the application package software that is required for apps to work on Android devices. It is easy to do but you must make sure that each step is followed exactly as written, otherwise, we can’t guarantee that AppEven will be installed on your Android device:

  1. On your Android device, open Settings and then open Security 
  2. Locate the option for Unknown Sources and make sure the box next to it is ticked – failure to do this will mean that AppEven cannot be installed on your device
  3. Close your Settings app and fire up your computer
  4. Download the AppEven APK, it will download as a zipped file
  5. Unzip the file, extract the contents and email the APK file over to yourself
  6. Back to your Android device, open your email and tap the attachment to download it
  7. Find it on your Android device and tap on it to install it
  8. Wait while AppEven installs to your device and then you can begin using it to download from a huge range of apps and games

If it doesn’t work, go back and check that you followed each step exactly

AppEven Alternative :

ACMarket :

There is a third-party app installer that provides a whole range of Android apps for both iOS and Android users. Much of the content is unavailable anywhere else and there is a huge choice of modified Android apps to choose from. It’s called ACMarket [ext link] and you can find all the details at the linked post.

AppEven is a good source of iOS apps and games for the Android user. It is perfectly safe to use and prides itself on being one of the most reliable installers of its kind; it is free to download and everything you find in it is also free to download and use. Most of the app installers that we have seen recently for iOS users will work on Android devices as well

Have a go at downloading AppEven and let us know your thoughts on it. You can get all the latest app updates and news by following us on Facebook.

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